A Complete Guide on Filming in Turkey

Owing to its amazing diversity in geography and culture, Turkey is growing in popularity as the most sought after filming location. Most of its international clients like Russia and Eastern Europe are attracted towards Turkey because of its traditional values. However, a lot of the Western companies are keener on filming its tourist destinations.

The recent years have seen an increase in the TV production business locally and this is because of the strong economic growth. This growth in TV production business in turn leads to a greater investment requirement of post production equipment, cameras and also improvement in crews. There is also a remarkable difference in the quality and this is mainly because of the growth of the domestic TV production business.

Another vital reason for the growing popularity of shooting in Turkey is due to its low-cost of shooting. The inexpensive crews, nominal accommodation and low-cost transport infrastructure are all helpful in leading to a low-cost shooting atmosphere in Turkey. Also the filming industry has its center in Istanbul, which houses a lot of famous production companies and studios, makes Turkey a favorite filming location. The availability of luxurious hotels that provide accommodation at half the rates when compared to hotels in Europe also makes Turkey a sought after filming location.

The permits required

It is generally considered an easy task to obtain the required permits for filming in Turkey however, one would need to plan a lot in advance and even leave weeks for securing permission. Two types of permits namely a permit to cover general public locations and secondly permits to cover specific sites are required.

Since rules may vary one needs to pay special attention especially to the permit that is required to cover specific sites. Hiring a local fixer is one of the first things most producers do. This helps in quickening the process of acquiring permits. Since the fixer is of Turkish origin, he would have a lot of knowledge about the permits and ways to acquire them easily. Keeping handy filming visas are also vital and need to be considered well in advance as processing visas might take a long time.

One of the famous Studios that can be considered for filming in Turkey is the Istanbul film Studios. This is a division of one of the largest business groups in Turkey called MV Holdings.

Being a huge country bordering Greece, Bulgaria, Iran, Iraq, Georgia and Syria, Turkey is capable of providing a variety of locations as well as climates that includes stunning beaches, beautiful mountains, deserts, forests as well as exotic islands. Since Turkey can easily mimic a number of other settings such as famous mountains, locations etc. filming in Turkey is a better alternative in terms of cutting on finances.

Another very important factor is that locations like Istanbul are a mixture of classic as well as modern cultures and so filming in Turkey can be both exciting as well as offers diversity. Whether it is summer, autumn, winter or spring you can shoot them throughout the year in Turkey.


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